6 Croatian Water Parks

Croatia is a beautiful country, and has quite a lot to offer. As the second largest European country, there is a lot to see and do. However, the country can be hard to navigate for the first-time visitor. That’s why we created 6 Croatian water parks. These adventure parks are constructed on a series of water slides and swimming pools that are designed for those who want to get wet and wild.

Croatia is a country with a unique charm. You can wander through its beaches, forests and mountains, or you can enjoy its world-class beaches and water parks. Croatia has six water parks, each catering to various tastes and all families. The water parks in Croatia are: – Blue Lagoon in Zadar – Plitvice National Park in Zagreb – Sea Safari at Portorož – Kvarner Bay in Zadar – Plitvice Lakes National Park in Zagreb – Park na Korčuli – (The oldest Croatian water park, founded in 1968) – Sea World in Split – Aquarium in Rovinj – Tourist Center in Dubrovnik

Croatia is a small country that has a lot of water parks. This is true for the North, the East, the South, the West, and the islands. There are dozens of water parks in Croatia, but here are some of the best.

Croatia has a variety of family-friendly water parks. (Image courtesy of Istralandia)

Croatia has expanded its tourism offers in the past five years, particularly for families, with the construction of a number of water parks. Here’s a list of some of the country’s best water parks.

Porec – Aquapark Aquacolors


The biggest Croatian water park, Aquacolors Porec, is located near the tourist resort Zelena Laguna in Pore, Istria.

During the summer, Aquacolors Pore covers approximately 100,000 m2 of area and attracts between 3,000 and 5,000 daily guests. Aquacolors debuted in May of 2015 and is regarded one of Europe’s most contemporary water parks, with lots of fun and excitement for visitors of all ages.

With a variety of attractions, this aquatic kingdom can provide you with the vacation of your dreams, including:

12 massive water slides with a total length of nearly a kilometer A pool with simulated waves Over 500 meters long, the Lazy River is the longest in Southern Europe. Pool for kids with modest slides A bouncy boxing ring and a rodeo bull Volleyball on the beach There are five fast food outlets and three pubs. For children and adults, there is a daily animation team.

From JUNE through SEPTEMBER, Aquacolors Pore is open every day. Tickets may be purchased at the gate or online. Family and student tickets are available at a discount. The fee includes sunbeds and umbrellas.

Visit the website for additional information about pricing and the water park.

Istralandia Aquapark – Brtonigla


The 2016 European Star Award for Europe’s Best Water Parks was given to Aquapark Istralandia, which is situated near Brtonigla, in the northwestern region of Istria. At the renowned award, the Croatian water park was voted the 5th best in Europe out of 300 water parks, and the 6th best water park in the world by TripAdvisor in 2018.


During the peak of the summer season, the water park, which has over 20 activities, attracts an average of 4,500 people each day.

Water slides of different heights, with a variety of light and sound effects, are fun for the whole family, providing dynamism, adrenaline, feeling, and excitement in a safe environment with over 1.6 kilometers of courses.

Visit the website for additional information about pricing and the water park.

Ikat Aquapark – Losinj

The first ever water park on a Croatian island is Aquapark ikat, which is situated on the northern Adriatic island of Loinj.

The 6,312m2 Aquapark ikat has three pools of varying depths, two children’s pools, a big swimming pool, three themed leisure pools, and a range of amenities for people looking to rest or seek thrills.

All of the pools are completely filled with seawater.

More information about the water park may be found here.

Krapinske Toplice Aquae Vivae – Krapinske Toplice

Krapinske Toplice, 50 kilometers from Zagreb, is home to Aquae Vivae Krapinske Toplice.

In the indoor pools, there are 37 various water attractions (slopes, geysers, underwater massages, and so on) that may be switched on at any time, and there are another 25 in the outdoor pool. The biggest pool is a mix of indoor and outdoor swimming pools. It has a total size of about 500 m2, with the outdoor pool taking over 120 m2. The water temperature is between 33 and 35 degrees Celsius.

A section of the indoor pool has been created to seem like a wild river. The 5m high water slide, which has a total slide length of 50m, is another unique feature.

On their website, you can find out more about their hours of operation and pricing.

Sibenik – Solaris Aquapark Dalmatia


Between the Solaris Kids Hotel Andrija and the Solaris Beach Hotel Jakov is the first water park in Dalmatia. Solaris Aquapark has up to six distinct slides, some of which reach heights of up to 13,5 meters, as well as jets and waterfalls with a variety of water effects.

At the Aquapark, there is a Kids Play Zone with shallow pools, sprinklers, and slides designed for young children.

More information and details may be found on the website.

Zagreb’s Adamovec Aquapark

20 kilometers outside of Zagreb lies the Adamovec Aquapark. Aside from outdoor and indoor pools, the 15,000-square-foot complex includes a variety of thermal pools, a massage pool, a health and fitness center with saunas and jacuzzis, as well as a restaurant and bar.

Visit the website for additional information.

Croatia is a beautiful country with a lot of nice things to see and do, but one of the best and most unique things you can do in Croatia is visit the water parks. There are around 30 water parks in Croatia, but the best one is definitely the Bakarac. Here you can find all the water slides, water slides, water slides, and water slides you would want, and you can do this in a beautiful forest with other people from all over the world.. Read more about dubrovnik water park and let us know what you think.