How to Obtain a Visa for Tanzania: A Step-By-Step Guide 2023

After the pandemic subsided and after the things with the coronavirus settled down a little bit, a large part of the people who want to walk more slowly started again to discover new places around the world. But this time there are no borders for them and they can visit any part of the world they want to visit. One of those new destinations that will become a hit in the year 2023 is exactly Tanzania.

Tanzania, a country located in Southern Africa, is one of the world’s last great wilderness destinations. With over 1,000 species of birds, fifty percent of Tanzania is classified as an Important Bird Area, which shows the uniqueness in the diversity of this country, and twelve national parks make up the Serengeti Plains. The Tanzanian government is committed to preserving this natural beauty for current and future generations, so it is for that reason that a huge number of tourists decide to start visiting this country and looking for visa regulations. While many tourists visit Tanzania without a visa, it’s important to understand the necessary steps for obtaining a visa.

In this guide, we will outline each step of the visa process, from researching your destination to submitting your application. We will also provide some helpful tips for preparing for your trip to Tanzania. Finally, we encourage you to read through the entire guide before making any decisions—the process can be confusing but everything will become clear once you get started. Let’s get started!

Do You Need a Visa for Tanzania?


As in any other country, in Tanzania, it is necessary to have a suitable document with which to enter the country. That document is called a visa and you need it to be issued by the consular representation of Tanzania or through the online service for electronic visa application. But before you follow the rules and provide the necessary documentation, you need to choose what type of visa you need.

What Type of Visa Can You Apply for If You Want to Go to Tanzania?


If you have decided to visit this beautiful country or you should go there for a specific purpose, in that case, you need to know that you need a visa. There are several types of visas that you can get if you meet the conditions and if you fit into the framework that is predetermined. What types of visas are there? These are the following types:

Tourist visa – this is the first and most basic type of visa that you can get for almost any country in the world. Each of the countries has its own strict rules, but Tanzania would not say that it is so strict. She says that this visa is valid for one entry into the country, but also that you can stay inside for a maximum of 90 days. Of course, applying for a visa is easy, so you can go to the specialized website and submit an application and documents. The amount that you will pay is about 55 dollars to have the document made for you.

Transit visa – of course, this is a type of document for staying in the country, that is, in this case for transit through the country, which is classified as a visa. It is a document that is valid as a permit for transit and a short stay in the country. The validity is for 7 days, and in order to get this transit visa you only need to meet the conditions and pay about 35 dollars to get the document. Of course, you can also apply for it electronically.

Volunteer visa – this document is very similar to the first one, that is, it has similar valid norms for it. So here we are talking about a specific permit to visit and perform a certain duty or task in Tanzania as a volunteer. It’s considered a tourist visa, but it’s not really a tourist visa because you’re coming with a specific purpose, which is volunteering. The validity of this document is also 90 days and it costs about 55 dollars to get it, and you can do the same electronically in a quick and simple way.

Are There Certain Restrictions Related to the Pandemic That Need to Be Respected?


In order to enter Tanzania there are no special restrictions that you have to respect and that would depend on the issuance of your visa electronically. All you need to know is that in relation to the pandemic, no covid tests are required, no quarantine is imposed and it is not mandatory to be vaccinated. In case you have been vaccinated, it is good to know that all those vaccines that are approved by the World Health Organization are recognized.

The steps to apply for a visa are simple, all you need to do is the following…

If you were wondering if it is difficult to get a visa and apply for this document so you can visit Tanzania, we answer that applying is too easy and too simple.

  1. Go to the e-visa application site – there is a specialized site that takes you directly to the application field. It is easy to use and you can easily find and fill everything you need on it.
  2. See if you are eligible for a visa – next is to check if you are eligible for this document, but also which document you specifically need in this application process.
  3. If you are eligible, pay the amount and fill out the form – If you are eligible to get this important document to enter Tanzania, then pay the required amount and fill out the application document.

In the end, you only need to wait for your visa to be generated, which after a certain time is ready for use and travel.



If you think that it is difficult to arrange the documentation to visit Tanzania, in that case, it is good to know that the process is easy, but also that the conditions and opportunities are very simple. Now you can prepare the visa procedure for Tanzania very easily and simply, pack your documents and prepare for a wonderful trip to this beautiful country in 2023.