Croatian Love Story: Klepetan Returns To Malena Again

Last year, Klepetan and Malena met, fell in love and got married. They had a beautiful wedding in Zagreb and spent a lovely honeymoon in Italy. Now they are back in Croatia and are spending time with their new baby, a beautiful girl named Olujka, in Malena’s hometown Zagreb. We got in touch with Klepetan again to see how he is feeling and what he is up to.

The first time I ever heard of Klepetan was when he was named the winner of the 2012 first Croatian Beauty contest organised by the Croatian National Tourist Board. The event is a beauty pageant held in the city of Dubrovnik, where the best candidate from across the country is chosen to represent the nation in international beauty pageants. I was really impressed by Klepetan’s performance in the contest. Although he was on the same panel as the winner of the same category, he seemed to be the better choice. The judges chose him as the winner by a wide margin and I was really impressed with his personality and his appearance.

Klepetan and Malena met in France, and it was love at first sight. It wasn’t until Klepetan flew home to Croatia that he realized it, too. Within months, he asked for her hand in marriage.


The amazing 19-year love tale of two long-legged storks from eastern Croatia continues today with the announcement that Klepetan has returned to his sweetheart Malena in Brodski Varos.

“Klepetan has made the 13,000-kilometer trip from South Africa for the 19th time. He was weary and filthy from the journey, as was customary. According to the daily Vecernji list, “the most exquisite love tale in the animal world has gotten a sequel.”

Although everyone expected Klepetan to return for Easter, including the storks’ caregiver Stjepan Voki, the shifting environment has forced him to postpone his homecoming once again.

“Klepo is usually the last to arrive, and when he is late, he is very late. But I had a feeling he’d return. “A unique, unbreakable connection exists between the two of us,” Voki said.

For the last 19 years, the love tale of storks Klepetan and Malena has captivated the hearts of many in Croatia. More than two decades ago, two storks built a nest atop a chimney in Brodski Varos.

The two would fly together until Malena’s wing was damaged by poachers, limiting her ability to fly.


Because storks are migratory birds, this posed an issue. Klepetan would leave Croatia every winter and travel almost 13,000 kilometers to Africa’s milder climes.

Klepetan, on the other hand, has always managed to wrangle his way back to Croatia in the spring, when the weather heats up, to be reunited with Malena.

Klepetan’s arrival has been pushed back due to the changing environment in recent years.

Klepetan  is a single, 20-year-old man from Croatia who is currently a student in the Netherlands. He is an avid traveler and despite the fact that he is single, he has been to Malena every month since 2015. He often travels to Malena by hitchhiking and although he doesn’t have a car, he manages to get to Malena on foot. He is so consumed with traveling to Malena every month and writing about his vacation that he recently quit his job, which is a big deal for him.. Read more about malena and klepetan croatia 2023 and let us know what you think.