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Croatia has become a popular destination for tourists who seek a traditional and authentic holiday experience. Thanks to its beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage, Croatia is a popular tourist destination for people of all ages.

Christmas is on its way, and if you have yet to get your feel good list prepared, then you’ll want to check out the items you might find on the Croatian table this time of year. The story of finding Croatia

Christmas is definitely one of the highlights of the Croatian year. And, one of the most festive, yet traditional, customs is the pečenje, or the Christmas roast that’s the center of every Croatian family’s gathering on the big day. In this post, I will talk about some of the traditional dishes and drinks you can find on Croatian Christmas tables, and the traditions behind them.. Read more about list of foods and let us know what you think.

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Croatian Christmas Style (CroChef/Zagreb Tourist Board photo)

Croatians are known for their culinary prowess. There’s generally no reason to save a lavish meal for a particular occasion.


Christmas, on the other hand, is a unique occasion.

“Badnji Dan” (Christmas Eve Day) and “Badnja Veer” (Christmas Day) are the most important days for Croatians throughout the Christmas season (Christmas Eve night).

The word badnjak literally means “to be awake,” thus it refers to staying up all night till Christmas Day. For generations, in Croatian areas, it has been customary to carry a log inside the home, place it on the badnjak fire, and keep it blazing all day on Christmas Day.

Another ancient custom is to plant penica (wheat seeds) in a basin of water on St. Lucy’s Day, which will grow until Christmas and then be used to adorn the table.

Because Christmas Eve is a fasting day, Croatians customarily have a modest meal in the evening.

Croatians typically cook a roast on Christmas Day, which may be turkey, lamb, pig, or duck.


Winter meals such as sarma and stews are also popular during the holidays. There’s also a plethora of traditional Christmas sweets.

Here are 15 items you’ll most likely find on the table in Croatian homes over the holiday season:

Bakalar, No. 1

Bakalar (Photo: Fini Recepti)

Bakalar may be prepared in a variety of ways, including as in a stew or simply with potatoes and garlic (Photo: Fini Recepti)

2. Salad Française


Salad with mayonnaise, egg, peas, and carrots, sometimes known as Olivier or Russian salad…

3. Sarma


Sarma — mashed potatoes and filled sour cabbage rolls (Photo: CroChef)

4. Turkey / Duck & Mlinci


Turkey stuffed with mlinci

5. Pork Roast


Pork roast

6. Peppers stuffed


In Australia and New Zealand, stuffed peppers with mince and rice are served at Christmas in the Croatian manner (Photo: Cro Chef)

7. Paprika Fi / Soup


In Slavonia, in the east of Croatia, a spicy fish stew is a popular meal. (Photo courtesy of Fini Recepti)


Soup is a delicious dish (CroChef)

Meats that are served cold


Starters include cheese, pretzels, olives, and salamis (photo credit: Tim Ertl)

Fritule No. 9


Fritule (photo courtesy of Sandro Sklepi)

Makovnjaa / Orahnjaa / Makovnjaa / Orahnjaa / Makovnjaa / Ora


Walnut roll (Orahnjaa) (Photo credit: Roberta F under CC)

Kiflice (#11)


Biscuits with vanilla half-moons (Photo: CroChef)

Strudel, no. 12


Another favorite is strudel. (Photo courtesy of Fini Recepti)

Krotule (13).


(Photo courtesy of Blazej Pieczynski/CC) Krotule

14. Wine


There’s a lot of wine on the table.

Rakija is number fifteen.


Rakija is a fruit-fermented brandy.




Christmas is all about eating, but the holidays would be pretty dull if we had to eat the same things year after year. This year, we decided to try some new Croatian dishes on the table at Christmas time, including a few that you might not have heard of before.. Read more about what food can you eat everyday and not die and let us know what you think.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 10 best foods to eat?

The 10 best foods to eat are as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

What are the 15 healthy foods?

-Almonds -Apples -Avocados -Blueberries -Broccoli -Butter -Cashews -Chicken breast -Dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa) -Eggs -Green peas -Kale -Lentils -Oats -Oranges -Peaches

What are the 3 Foods Dr Gundry says to avoid?

Dr. Gundry says to avoid foods that contain sugar, grains, and dairy products.

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