2Cellos to Reunite for 10th Anniversary

In 2005, 2Cellos was formed by the violinists Ivica Štulhofer and brothers Mario and Andrea Bajic, and it’s now ten years later that they’re finally reuniting for a 10th anniversary tour. The band played a number of concerts across Europe throughout last year and are now heading back to North America, where they’ll play a string of gigs in January and February, starting on the 27th of January in Brooklyn, New York.

In the past 9 years, no two men have ever had a bigger impact on the world of music than the pair of cellists, Antonio and Gerard, who have formed the most successful indie rock duo in history. The pair have performed before millions of adoring fans around the world, and have sold over 10 million records in the process.

After leaving a four-year hiatus, cellist Daniel Masé and violinist Antonio Pappano will reunite for a 10th anniversary concert. The concert, called Danube Days, will take place at the Wiener Staatsoper on 10 September.

31 January 2023, ZAGREB – After taking a hiatus to pursue their separate careers, Croatia’s world-famous cello duet is scheduled to return next year.


Luka Sulic revealed to RTL Direkt that the pair would rejoin in 2023 after separating last year.

“We’ll be back next year for our tenth anniversary. There may not be as many performances as there have been in the past, but we will commemorate our tenth anniversary in style. After that, we’ll focus on our own initiatives as well as 2Cellos,” Sulic said.

After an exhausting 36-show tour of Australia, New Zealand, and the United States last year, Sulic and Stjepan Hauser decided to split up and concentrate on their own projects.

“That was just crazy. The speed, beat, and life were all deadly. We went a little too far. 200 flights each year, continuous performances, worldwide travel, and shooting “All we have to do now is get away from it,” Hauser remarked at the time.

Over the past year, both Sulic and Hauser have had success with their respective initiatives. In April 2023, Hauser will embark on his first-ever solo tour. Hauser’s solo tour will begin on April 2 in Paris, with an orchestra directed by Robert Ziegler, and will include stops in Berlin, London, Tallinn, Budapest, Brussels, Amsterdam, and Milan. He released his first official song, Swan Lake with the London Symphony Orchestra, late last year.

Sulic has had a lot of success on his own as well. Sulic published his debut solo album, “Vivaldi: The Four Seasons,” at the end of last year, and it instantly climbed to number one on the Billboard rankings for most sold classical record. Over 800 million Chinese citizens tuned in to see his live TV performance on January 1st. Sulic is ready to embark on a global tour, which will kick out on February 5 in Zagreb at the Vatroslav Lisinski music venue.


2Cellos, the world’s most popular classical music group, have announced their 10th anniversary tour, which will see them perform their first ever shows in Croatia. The group last performed here in Croatia in 2012, when they wowed over 60,000 fans at the Zagreb Arena. Since then, their world tour includes over 3 million guests attending over 6,000 concerts.. Read more about 2cellos tour 2023 usa and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the 2CELLOS back together?

The 2CELLOS are not back together. They have been on hiatus since 2016.

What happened to the 2CELLOS?

The 2CELLOS were removed from the Beat Saber PSVR game due to copyright restrictions.

How much are 2CELLOS worth?

2CELLOS are worth $2,000.