The Oldest And Most Beautiful Casinos In Europe

About half of the world’s population plays games of chance at least a few times in their lives. Whether it’s throwing dice, card games, or predicting lotto numbers, games of chance have always been popular. Why are they so attractive to us? Since the appearance of the first casino in the 19th century, many things have changed – the look of the casino, the types, and rules of certain games, as well as the number of stakes and payouts, but one thing has remained the same – the desire to play and win a potential jackpot. To this day, a lot has changed, and currently, the latest hit is the online casino. However, the appeal of games of chance has actually remained the same and we can say that the human race simply cannot do without them.

Many people use their stay in a new country to visit popular locations, sightseeing, get to know a new culture, and so on. Every city has something that makes it unique, and many of them have the spirit of gambling, the spirit of having a good time, and the possibility of additional income. Read below which are the most beautiful and oldest casinos in Europe.

Baden-Baden casino


This is one of those places that you should definitely not miss if you find yourself in Germany and want to taste your luck. In a moment, you will feel the spirit of old times, go back to 1748, when the casino was built. In addition to the gambling content, which is still impressive, visitors will enjoy a tour of this facility, which has the Red Hall, the Austrian Chamber, the Winter Garden, and much more. Although it still exudes luxury, the gold and silver chips that were used earlier are a thing of the past. In any case, you will enjoy over 100 slot machines and 24 tables designed for the best card games such as baccarat and poker.

The Clermont Club – London


At first, you will probably wonder what is so special about this small casino. Well, it’s special that poshness he still possesses, drinking champagne and expensive cakes while your opponents are members of the British nobility. Sounds challenging, right?

The Ritz Club


When you’re already in London, you can’t help but visit the casino that holds the title of the most exclusive in all of Europe – The Ritz Club. Inside, you’ll find a playroom furnished with rich tapestries, red carpets, crushed velvet cushioned chairs, and ornate domed ceilings. There are also more intimate private rooms for especially high players — although almost everyone in this casino is a high player. Some celebrities like Johnny Depp and Kerry Packer tried their luck here. If you want to play in this club, keep in mind the dress code for men – a suit and a shirt.

Casino de Monte Carlo, Monaco


We can say that the popularity of this casino has been contributed to by the fact that the action of several movies takes place right here. In keeping with its stylish interior and high reputation, Casino de Monte-Carlo is not exactly a low-limit casino.

Aviation club de France


A city of light, love, and romance, a city to which you will always want to return. In addition to many sights, Paris also abounds in world-famous casinos, and this is undoubtedly one of them. This casino regularly hosts stages of the World Poker Tournament, and its visitors are not only French but also guests from other countries.

Grand Casino Admiral


If you find yourself in Croatia, and you are a fan of games of chance, a visit to Zagreb and Grand Casino Admiral is inevitable. This glamorous and luxurious casino is the largest and most famous in this country. It covers an area of 3000 m2 and currently has more than 200 slot machines and 20 tables for card games. Grand Casino Admiral also organizes poker tournaments, and everyone who knows blackjack well has the opportunity to show their skills.

If you are a person who doesn’t travel much, but still don’t give up on good fun, don’t worry, you can access most of these casinos online. Moreover, many see many advantages in this type of casino – you don’t have to spend your time in traffic jams, you can access it from anywhere whenever you want, and what is probably the most attractive of all – the payouts are more than in land casinos for completely logical reasons. If you still wonder how this is possible, we will tell you. Imagine how much money and time is needed to equip a casino, to design every detail.

Then, when everything is finished, it is necessary to find employees (croupiers, waiters, security, managers, cleaners, and so on). Then, just think of all that lavish lighting and the electricity bill and other utilities plus the casino profits. Now think of an online casino. Do you see employees, large maintenance bills, and furnishing the space? Exactly. This is exactly what enables the payouts to be higher. Everyone wins! In addition to the fact that you can access when you want, you can also access those who are in another country or even a continent. So it’s up to you to find best usa payout online casino and move from Europe to distant America in a moment.

Of course, you should always approach with caution, because where there is money, there are also many scams, and the Internet is such a place in the first place. Always check the reliability of the casino first, and this can be done in several simple ways. First, check if it is licensed – if it is, it will be highlighted on the home page. Given that everyone uses smartphones and mobile applications that facilitate access and work on these devices, pay attention to whether the name is spelled correctly on the application icon and whether the colors used for the logo are those of the casino you know. Why are we telling you this? Because even the slightest difference can direct you to another website where your money will disappear irretrievably.

Always keep in mind that gambling is a form of entertainment, not a way of life, and that’s the only way you’ll be successful and relaxed in the game.