4 Best Casinos In Europe Every Gambler Should Visit 2023

Gambling is not for everyone. But, for those of us who are into it, it’s quite a hobby. A passion of sorts. Once you start you can see all of the perks this activity carries with itself. Of course, it all needs to be done in good measure. Thanks to the development of online casinos, we can now play from the warmth of our homes. But, that didn’t take an inch from the good old land-based gambling. The gambling establishments like the ones you can find in Las Vegas are still going strong.

But, we are not here to talk about America. No, in fact, let’s talk about the Old Continent where it all started. The birthplace of civilization has plenty to offer in terms of gambling. If you didn’t know this, this is the right opportunity to expand your knowledge. Europe is quite a popular destination when it comes to gambling. It is often unfairly overshadowed by the likes of LV, Atlantic City, or some Australian or Asian casinos. We are here to make things right. Of course, if you’re not into Europe, and prefer online gambling, you can always turn your face towards the land down under and visit

But, if your heart lies in a different place, and you’re eager to find out what Europe has to offer, please continue reading. In this article we are going to explore the four best casinos in Europe every gambler should visit in 2023. If you see yourself as one of this kind, you need to put aside a few minutes of your time and read about the European establishments for gambling we’re going to mention below. Let’s start. Once you are done, make sure to select your next destination based on our list. Don’t forget who sent you there.

1. Casino de Monte Carlo


Let’s start with the most famous of them all. This establishment can parry any casino in the world with ease. It is renowned, visited by celebrities, it featured in moves, it has amazing architecture, long history, and irresistible charm. What more can you ask for? Nothing! The number of films that took action here amounts to 28, so far. The most famous ones are those from the James Bond franchise, while we shouldn’t also neglect Ocean’s Twelve. If this is not enough you need to know that theF1 race, the Grand Prix of Monaco runs through the premises of this casino. Once you are inside the magic begins. This place is built like a palace, and it feels like that on every step. As far as gambling goes, you can rest assured that they have you covered no matter your preferences. If all of this is making you hungry or thirsty you’ll be glad to hear that there are seven restaurants near or inside the casino. The most famous one is of course the Le Louis XV which has three Michelin stars tied to its name.

2. Diamond Palace Casino, Zagreb, Croatia


When we speak about gambling locations that are must visit, you don’t think about Zagreb, right? Neither did we before we visited Croatia and its biggest location called Diamond Palace Casino. As the name suggests it is a true palace and it is worthy of its name. if you’re ever visiting the Balkans this place is a must-see. Actually, you need to go to the Balkans to see it and experience its pleasures firsthand. It is like a piece of Las Vegas was ripped out of Nevada and transferred to Croatia. This casino has it all. Luxury gambling rooms, all imaginable games, slot machines in abundance, restaurants, and musicals. You name it, you have it. The biggest attraction is of course the music stars from the region that have concerts in this location. It is Vegas but in a Balkan way. Considering its size of 1600 square meters it is a place you can spend days without ever getting a feeling or a need to leave.

3. Casino Di Campione, Como, Italy


When we speak about the European casinos Italy has its horse for this race. As you can see, all of the casinos we mentioned so far belong to countries that have access to the sea. But, only the one in Monte Carlo is on the Mediterranean. Zagreb is inland, while this one is at a lake. Casino di Campione is one of the largest of its kind on the Old Continent. When we say big, we are thinking about the 590,000 square feet of surface it covers. If you’re a fan of slot machines the number that counts for over half a thousand certainly fits your needs. If you ever get tired of walking from room to room in this place you can rest in one of the numerous bars and restaurants you’ll find. This won’t be too hard considering that this casino has nine floors. If you think that’s too much wait to hear that three of them are reserved for parking. Crazy numbers! The games available come as good as you can get and include the likes of roulette, blackjack, video poker, real poker, and unique Italian games such as Punto Banco. What’s even greater to hear is that this place is older than one hundred years being built during the First World War.

4. Casino Estoril, Portugal


Here is another historic casino. Since its creation back in the 1960s it holds the title of the biggest casino in Europe. Similarly to the casino from above, this one holds ties to the events of one World War. This time it’s the second one. Back in the day, spies all over the world gathered in Estoril. This was a massive inspiration for Ian Fleming, and we all know what came later on. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service was filmed here, which launches it high in the casino stratosphere the same way Monte Carlo is. James Bond loves his casinos. As this is not enough, this casino serves as a museum and gallery which holds pictures and sculptures on permanent exhibition. A true gem in this domain.