What Are The Top 5 Sightseeing Places in Europe 2023

The Old Continent. We’re not going to brag here, just because we’re from Europe, but this is the place where all the world’s wonders have come from. Yes, one could argue that Africa, Asia, and the Americas have their horses for the race, but we’ll stand our ground. Europe stands above all else. Yes, the Pyramids are great. Machu Picchu is a wonder like no other too. We’re not diminishing the rest of the world. We are just stating that Europe has its wonders that are often overlooked.

Is visiting Europe on your bucket list? If not, it will be after you finish reading this article. The Old Continent has plenty to offer in every imaginable department. If you want a generous cuisine you’ll visit Italy. If you want top-notch skiing you’ll go to France or Austria. If you want warm seas and sandy beaches Spain and Cyprus are your destinations. If you’re for cold winters and some northern lights head up to Norway. If you want to see a country so well aligned in every imaginable domain, Germany should be your priority. As we said, Europe is amazing.

We believe that you’re still not convinced that you should visit. So, we’re going to tell you where to go and what to see. Trust us, this is not one of those generic articles that will tell you to go visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Leaning Tower Of Pisa. Yes, those are amazing places, and defiantly worth your time and money. But, it’s on the level been there, seen that. It’s on the level if we told you which are the best online pokies Australia for real money as if you don’t already know that. Common knowledge is not the subject of this article.  Instead, let’s talk about the what are top five sightseeing places in Europe in 2023. You’ll be surprised.

Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic



Beer and architecture. That’s Prague for you. Did you know that Czech people drink the most beer per capita in the world? Now, that’s a fun fact. But, a pretty serious notion is that Prague is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Its biggest attraction without a doubt is the Charles Bridge. The bridge over the Vltava river is more than five centuries old and its construction dates back to the fourteen century. It is a true monument of the times past, and you need to see it during your lifetime. This Gothic piece of the architecture needs to be on everyone’s bucket list. Once you enjoy it with your eyes you can fill your bellies with some of that premium Czech lager.

Dubrovnik, Croatia


Have you been to Dubrovnik? If not, the time is right now. After all, the place is now better known as King’s Landing. That’s right, the highly popular TV show, Game of Thrones popularized this already famous tourist destination even further. Croatia is the crown of the Balkans and Dubrovnik is its jewel. This city belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage list, and its old architecture is truly a sight to behold. The Old Town and its walls need to be seen, as this once city-republic still stands proud even after centuries of being in the eyes of many conquerors. Once you pass through the Pile Gate you’ll fall in love with this city even before you reach its pedestrian zone called Stradun.

Canals of Bruges, Bruges, Belgium


When you speak about cities on the water, with rivers, bridges, and canals, Bruges will often get overlooked. Yes, Venice is more popular, and you have places such as Amsterdam or St. Petersburg. But, we believe that Bruges and its canals can stand toe to toe with any given location. These canals are the city’s lifeline, and thanks to the water from the river Reie, they’re still going strong. Today they don’t serve their initial purpose of moving goods through the city, but as far as tourists go, they’re a great attraction. Walking by any canal in Bruges and seeing its old town charm and architecture is one of the best sightseeing experiences you’ll have in life.

Colosseum of Rome, Rome, Italy


Do we even need to waste words on this location? Of course, we do. The best part – they’re not wasted words. This location is one of those that stood against the tooth of time. The colosseum in Rome is one of the world’s biggest attractions. The gladiator pits are an attraction that brings millions of visitors to Rome every year. The Italian capital has numerous other sights to see, and after all, the Vatican is located there, but we need to put the Colosseum above all else. If you’re ever in Rome, you must visit these places. It is staggering from the outside as it is from the inside. You’ll feel the blood rushing through your veins as your primal instincts are awakened. Yes, you’ll know how Russell Crowe felt while filming The Gladiator.

Glenfinnan Viaduct, Scotland


When you’re first or the best ins something people will talk to you. Do you know which bridge is the longest railway bridge in the world? Yes, it is the Glenfinnan Viaduct in Scotland. It’s no wonder people are talking about it. But, the talk doesn’t do it justice. This viaduct is standing one hundred feet above the Finnan river, and with its twenty-one arches is one of the architectural wonders of the world. Does it look familiar to you when you see the photos? It probably does, and the reason is simple. This bridge was heavily featured in the highly popular movie franchise of Harry Potter. But, it doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of the film or not. You need to go and see it, and also to enjoy a train ride on top of it. That’s what makes for the full experience of this amazing location.

Final Thoughts

It is as we said. This is not an article that will tell you what you already know. Forget the Paris and London. These are the top five locations you need to see before 2023 ends. You won’t regret it, that’s guaranteed.