Croatia plays Euros with wrong coat of arms on shirt, HNS apologises |

On Wednesday, Zagreb hosted the 2016-17 UEFA Champions League match against Arsenal, and the Croatian national team was in full force. The Croatian Football Federation (HNS) was trying to solve the mini-controversy that resulted from the team’s new blue strip, which was adorned with the coat of arms of the city of Zagreb. The HNS also tried to calm the situation by publishing a video on its official Facebook page, as well as on YouTube.

It seems that a Croatian player was sent off with the wrong coat of arms on his shirt during a game yesterday. The team had to go and change their shirt during halftime. This is the wrong thing to do when you play international football. I really don’t understand how they could have done this. What would have happened if the other team took the shirt and used it for the second half? That would have been a disaster.

On Thursday, 1 July 2018, the Croatia national football team was playing against the Republic of Ireland in the UEFA Euro 2023 qualifying match. During the first half, the Croatian team played with a shirt with the wrong coat of arms on it. This was discovered by the Croatian news agency HINA , which posted a picture on Thursday, 1 July.



Croatia has gone home after being eliminated from the Euros in the last 16 by Spain.

After it was discovered that the Croatian Football Federation (HNS) had played with the wrong coat of arms on the Croatian flag on the team’s jerseys, one of the first things the HNS did upon its return was to apologize to supporters.

The name of the city, the date, and the flags of both teams participating are emblazoned in the center of the jersey, between the HNS crest and the Nike logo, on every shirt worn by the Croatian squad.

The coat of arms on the Croatian flag has been wrong throughout the tournament, with the first top checker being white rather than red, as it is on the official flag.

The official flag’s coat of arms begins with a red checker at the top.

“What’s noteworthy is that when Croatia faced the Czechs and Scots in the first two matches, they had the proper coat of arms emblazoned on their shirts,” daily 24sata said.

After the previous two matches, no one had spotted the wrong coat of arms on the flag, but it was picked up today.

HNS apologized to supporters, saying it was an accidental mistake in the manual vector design that was printed on the shirts, according to 24sata.

“The Croatian Football Federation will hold the printing firm accountable and punish the workers who were guilty for this inadvertent omission, for which we apologize to the general public and Croatian fans. Of course, HNS denies any suggestion that it is an intentional perversion of the Croatian coat of arms, which Croatian national teams have proudly represented throughout the globe for years,” according to the statement.