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Christmas in Croatia
From Embassy of the R. of Croatia to the USA web site
From Christmas Magazine! web site.
From Christmas Around the World web site
From Adriatica.Net
CroArt CDshop
Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research
From Croatian embassy web site
Traditional Croatian Holiday Gifts and Decorations (Angels, ornaments, cards, slates, Santas, stickers and much more)
Licitar is an equisitely decorated cake made of honey dough. They come in many shapes (heart is the most popular) and are favourite Christmas tree decorations in many Croatian homes.
From I eat, therefore I am web site.
Zagreb Fair


Walnut cake (Orahnjaca, Orehnjaca, Guzvara) (A traditional Croatian Christmas cake)

Dough: (approximate measures, sufficient for two big cakes filling a large baking form)
0.5 kg flour
200 g melted margarine
200 g sugar
2 eggs and 1 yolk
little salt
1 package of yeast
grated lemon peel (1 lemon)
0.25 l milk
Stir together yeast with 0.15 l warm milk and 1 soupspoon sugar and leave it until the yeast becomes active. Then make the dough with the rest of ingredients. Leave it covered for rising for about half an hour. Then split the dough into two pieces.
500-600 g ground walnut
350 g sugar
0.1 l milk
grated peel of half of lemon and juice from 1 lemon
50 g margarine
4 soupspoons apricot marmelade
Bring the milk with the sugar to a boil, add the walnuts and cook 0.5-1 minute while mixing. Finish cooking and add other ingredients.
Preparation: Roll out the dough according to the dimensions of the baking form, butter it with melted margarine, and spread the half of the fill. Roll in. Repeat with another dough. Leave covered for rising. Preheat the oven to 130oC. Bake at the beginning at 130-150oC, and then continue at 170-180oC until it is done. It takes about 35 minutes. Baked cake should be well powder with a mixture of icing sugar and vanilla sugar.